Warman Moms Support Group

We are a welcoming and comfortable space for moms of children of all ages (children are welcome, too!) to gather for good conversation, connection, and usually coffee! You don’t have to be from Warman, just willing to travel to join us select Tuesdays at Warman Physiotherapy & Wellness from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

You can register for upcoming dates here.


My favourite part of the group is…

…having a comfortable environment with your baby and not feeling judged when they’re not cooperating.

…the support that the moms give to one another and the resources I’ve been given.

…the welcome introduction and question that Darla presents. It gives everyone in the circle a chance to get to know one another and their children. I’ve made friends at this group that I needed in my life. I was homesick and struggling with depression and Darla’s group saved me!

…having other women to talk to.

…knowing I’m not alone in the day to day, and in the crazy moments!

…being able to share and talk, and meet other moms!

…getting to know each of the women and their parenting journeys.

More from the moms who attend our group…

I like that there is a draw and love that there is coffee! Makes it feel like a nice outing! I really like Darla, she’s so kind and has great advice.

I’m honestly gaining so much from your mom’s group. I can’t even explain how much!

I am so grateful for you and the group. What a wonderful, open group of women.

I’m so happy that a group like this exists in Warman! I’ve made some amazing friendships and I feel welcome even though my kids are in school full time. I love seeing all the ladies and their babies.

Thanks for running the group! I’m enjoying getting to know other members of the community. I’ve lived in Warman for 3 years but always commuted for work, so my husband and I haven’t had many opportunities to get involved in the community.

This is so valuable. Even if not much is said, being around others is so wonderful.

I love coming to the Warman Moms support group. I feel accepted and appreciated even though my kids are older. I learn a lot from all the moms that attend and I’m grateful that I’m helping others as well.

I never thought Mom groups were something for me. I normally shuttered at the idea. But for some reason when I saw the ad for the Warman support group I decided to give it a try. After all it was free and it said it was come and go so I liked the idea that I wasn’t obligated to stay or even go again if I didn’t like it. So I went, and I loved it! Everyone was so supportive of one another and even when I didn’t think I had anything I wanted to discuss with other moms I found myself learning new things! It’s something that I always look forward to now.