It is so important and sometimes so hard for a new mom to eat well. She needs nutritious and nourishing meals so she can care for her newborn (and herself!), but she may not have the time to prepare such meals or sit down to eat them. Healthy snacks are a must, but so are healthy meals.

This doesn’t follow the ayurvedic paradigm but it tastes good and it’s easy! Helpful hint: sometimes you can find healthy pre-made foods – this is one of them!

Part of my postpartum training includes nutrition based on the elemental science and philosophy of Ayurveda, which focuses on the elements of earth, fire, water, air, and space.

When a woman gives birth, she loses large amounts of earth (baby and placenta), water (through amniotic fluid and tears), and fire (through blood and sweat). Consequently, new moms often feel spaced out: they are heavy on the air and space elements and need rebalancing with earth and water. Newborn moms need foods that are sweet, warm, oily, simple, and moist to rebalance their elements.

Some of my recipes will follow this ayurvedic paradigm. Others are tried and true comfort foods that don’t follow the paradigm, but taste and make us feel good (who doesn’t love a good lasagna?). And some recipes are quick and easy and toddler-approved – exactly what moms need!

My hope is new moms will share these recipes with their postpartum caregivers (whether hired or family and friends) so they will make them for them! Mom should be focused on resting as much as she can when she isn’t nurturing and bonding with her new baby.

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